Anger Management Workshop

Who is it for?

Those who work with people, either colleagues or clients, who have anger management issues, or those who have difficulty controlling their own anger or find it hard to express their emotions effectively.

What is it about?

Sometimes there's no getting away from the people, situations or things that drive you mad. The only thing that you can do is learn to manage your response to stay in control at times of stress, or encourage others to do so. This course will teach practical relaxation techniques to keep you calm. You will look at the causes of your anger and uncover the most effective way to keep your cool.

Course Overview

  • What is anger?
  • How do we respond to anger?
  • Learn emotion triggers and responses
  • Cognitive restructuring: new ways to think and respond
  • Cope with escalating states of anger by recognizing and acting on symptoms
  • Effective problem solving routines
  • Introduce a cognitive behavioral approach to assist when times get tough
  • Managing anger in others
  • Positive self statements
  • Physical relaxation techniques: breathing and exercise
  • Understanding internal and external stressors

What will I get out of it?

  • Understanding of how to manage anger for more positive outcomes
  • Practice new ways to remain calm in times of high pressure or stress
  • Self understanding to identify the root causes of anger
  • Improved relationships at work and/or home
  • Relaxation techniques to regulate the physical symptoms of anger
  • Assertiveness skills to combat anger in others and achieve objectives

Interested in this course?


For further information, telephone Anne on 01562 751412