Quality Assurance

What is it?

Basically, it is doing the right things in the right way (the policy), and continually improving what you do and how you do it (the process). Every thing that you do in your organisation can be described as a process for example sorting the post in the morning is a process, running a training session is a process. In order to put in effective processes you have to:

  • Understand what services your customers, clients or service users want
  • Manage the way in which you provide those services effectively and efficiently
  • Manage human and financial resources
  • Measure what you have achieved
  • Use these measurements to improve your organization and practice

What are quality models?

A variety of words such as standards, frameworks and systems are used to describe the same thing, although they have different focuses and are used in different ways. They are all models of what a good organization should do. That is...they describe the sorts of things that you need to think about and do in order to provide a 'quality' service. There are a number of different quality models, from Investors in People (IiP) to the Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organizations (PQASSO)

What do we use as a quality model?

We use ISO 9001: this is the original quality model, designed to focus on processes and how you carry them out. It contains five sections that describe how to manage your processes well.

What do we do for you?

  • We will explain the quality management systems available so you can make an informed choice
  • We will check your documentation complies with your choice of mode
  • Conduct your internal audit
  • Work with you to ensure your organisation meets the quality mark standard
  • Conduct your annual review

What will I get out of it?

  • An understanding of Quality Assurance models
  • A report on non conforming products
  • Templates to develop missing documentation
  • An Internal audit review with recommendations
  • Opportunity to engage us to conduct your annual review

For Further Information

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  • telephone us on Kidderminster (01562) 751412
  • email us on: CSinitiatives1@gmail.com